Windows & Shutters Code Compliance Violation

After photo of R.E.O. property with code compliant windows & shutters

This was a bank owned property which had a work without permit violation. The previous owners had installed the windows without permits which caused the building department to step in and give them a violation. Since this property was foreclosed and the bank took over they are now responsible for whatever violations were created by the previous owners. In order for the bank to sell this property to a financed buyer they needed to close the violation at hand.

Rausa Builders, Corp. was contracted to solve the code compliance issues, we in turn paid the open ticket of $510 and then applied for the new window and shutter permit required with the Miami Dade County Building Department. We then installed new 26 gauge shutters as required by Miami-Dade County code. Once all the shutters were installed and the windows installation was corrected we then pursued to call for our final inspections with the county. Once we finalized the permits the violation was requested to be closed and the bank was able to sell this to the new homeowner with no violations involved.

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