Commercial Services

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Industrial / Commercial Construction

Florida Certified General Contractor, Rausa Builders Corp. has the means & methods necessary for completing your commercial construction project in the Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach County areas. We have developed long term industry relationships with construction material supply houses, giving us access to quality materials at lower prices so we can pass these savings to our clients.

Rausa Builders Corp. also supplies the heavy construction equipment, required labor/man-power and many more services to complete your project in a reasonable time frame while maintaining open communication with our client.

We can build a custom new commercial building or expand on your current structure. Our commercial construction services also include structural repairs as well as exterior commercial areas like parking lots and guest patios.

Whether you are expanding and improving your commercial property or building a new one, Rausa Builders, Corp. can satisfy all of your general contractor and construction needs from beginning to end.

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New Commercial Construction

new commercial construction header graphicFrom multi-unit commercial projects to freestanding commercial buildings, we can provide the knowledge & experience to complete any commercial construction project. We have the construction expertise and relations with Engineers, Architects and other key players within the industry to keep commercial construction projects on track through post-construction.

Rausa Builders, Corp. will take into consideration your business hours and we are able to work around them to avoid disturbing our clients commercial business, leaving our client with the least possible down-time. We understand and take into consideration the value of our commercial client’s operating hours.

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Commercial Parking, Driveways & Patios

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Rausa Builders, Corp. has extensive experience and affodable prices on asphalt, pavers and various woods for driveways, paking lots & patios.

Call us today at 305-554-5711 or complete our online form regarding any new driveways, patios and exterior contruction or repair that your commercial property may need.

Roof Repairs & New Roofs

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Roof damage is another common problem among South Florida business structures due to weathering, wind damage & hurricane damage. The decision of building a new roof or repairing an existing roof depends on the severity of the damage. Most damages is caused when air pushes up on the bottom side of the roof. Over time, this causes the loosening of the fasteners holding the roof trusses together, making the roof more susceptible to damage in future high winds. Feel free to contact us regarding any new roof or roof repair inquiry.

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Code Enforcement Violations

Our code violation experts have the track record in Miami-Dade County & Broward County to advise commercial property owners and managers on the best possible solution to get their violation resolved. We can obtain work out terms with local code enforcement and come to a resolution on your behalf. These violations can vary from an Expired Permit to Work Without Permit or Unsafe Structure Violations, which can be more complicated and time consuming.

Fixing Building Code Violations 101

Expired Permits

Common Causes:
Pending or missing final inspection
Work never started or completed
Common Solutions:
Confirm work was completed properly & call for final inspection
Confirm work was never started & request to close the permit

Work Without Permit

Common Causes:
Improvements/modifications made to the property without a permit or proper inspections.
Signs of improvements or modifications being made such as old water heater or old A/C on property, construction debris, etc.
Common Solutions:
Provide evidence that the work was permitted or is “grandfathered-in”
Confirm the work was done to code, apply for the proper permits & call for inspections

Unsafe Structure

Common Causes:
Grow House or Fire Damage
Hurricane, Natural Disaster or Accidental Damage
Demolition Order
Common Solutions:
Apply for proper permits & repair structure

Code Violation Galleries

Structural Repairs

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Uneven foundations and the cracking or heaving of concrete beams and columns are common unsafe structure issues in South Florida commercial buildings. We will inspect your structure for possible damage, accurately estimate the cost and plan out the necessary steps to insure it’s properly repaired and up-to-date with building codes and regulations.

Bobcat & Heavy Equipment Services

Bobcat & Heavy Equipment Services

Heavy construction equipment can be dangerous but are essential in all aspects of building. From clearing out lots with a Bobcat® in preparation for building or using cranes and tractors in the actual building and transportation processes Rausa Builders, Corp. has the heavy equipment to accomplish the things you need done.

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Construction Consulting
Architect, Engineer & Subcontractor Referrals

Our goal is to insure our clients end up with a high-quality product while staying within budget and on schedule. We have the construction expertise and relations within the industry to keep projects on track from inception through post-construction determining and regulating how our client’s time and money is used towards a successful build out.

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