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homeowner services

Home Remodeling / Residential Construction

Professional and Certified Florida General Contractor, Rausa Builders, Corp. will find the proper means & methods of completing your residential construction no matter the size throughout South Florida. We will supply the building materials, required labor, construction equipment and many other services to complete your project in a reasonable time frame while continuously maintaining open communication.

We can build you a custom new home or expand your current residence with a home addition or garage conversion. Our residential services also include kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, driveways, pool decks, roofing and so much more.

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Rausa Builders, Corp. can satisfy all of your general contractor and construction needs from beginning to end.

New Residential Construction

New Residential Construction

From multi-residential projects to custom homes, we can provide the knowledge & experience to complete any residential construction project. Our construction expertise and relations within the industry keep our projects on track, from Engineer and Architect drawings through post-construction. We continuously regulate how our client’s time and budget is used towards a successful build out. Browse our gallery of past new construction projects.

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Roof Repairs & New Roofs

New Roof & Roof repair

Roof damage is a common problem in South Florida due to weathering, strong winds & hurricane damage. The decision of building a new roof or repairing an existing roof depends on the severity of the damage. If over 25% of the roof is damaged, local building code requires a full roof replacement. Most damage is caused when air pushes up on the bottom side of the roof. Over time, this causes the loosening of the fasteners holding the roof trusses together, making the roof more susceptible to damage in future high winds.

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We have the experience to properly complete your new roof or roof repairs in a timely manner. Contact us today or browse our gallery of past roofing projects.

Kitchen Remodeling

After photo of undermount sink with apron and quartz countertop

A common space for homeowners to remodel when updating their home is the kitchen. A new kitchen remodel can take advantage of modern space-saving ideas like an open concept kitchen. An open concept kitchen is where enclosing kitchen walls are partially, if not completely removed, combing the kitchen with other areas. Kitchen cabinets, countertops and backsplashes are available in a range of styles. Some kitchen cabinets can be designed to hide appliances, while others complement them.

Kitchen Galleries

Rausa Builders, Corp. has the experience to complete your kitchen remodeling project to your taste and within budget. Browse our gallery links for new kitchen ideas.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are another common space for homeowners to remodel when looking to update their home. Bathroom updates can be a simple change of style where all fixtures & accessories remain in place or a more complex upgrade requiring the relocation of plumbing and electrical conduits.

Either way, there are a wide range of new layouts and products that combine functionality with aesthetics to consider when remodeling your bathroom.

Bathroom Galleries

We have the experience to complete your bathroom remodeling project to your taste and within budget. Browse our gallery for new bathroom ideas.

Home Additions & Garage Conversions

Residential / Home Addition

You may not have foreseen the need for increased space when you first purchased your home. From a garage conversion for a family room or extra bedroom, to a home addition requiring structural reinforcement, a concrete foundation, tie beams and roof / truss expansion. We can help you in the planning process and accommodate your expectations.

Whether you are in need of a home addition due to a growing family or for entertaining space, we can walk you through the process. From blue print designs to completion, we have worked hand in hand with owners in fulfilling their expansion needs.

Home Addition Galleries

Browse our gallery for home addition ideas or contact us today, our construction team is ready for your next home addition project.

Code Enforcement Violations

Our code violation experts have the track record in Miami-Dade County & Broward County to advise you on the best possible solution and get your violation resolved. Building code violations, code enforcement violations and city/municipality violations can be a scary situation for property owners with threatening notices in the mail from the building department and fees that accrue daily. We can obtain work out terms with local code enforcement and come to a resolution on your behalf.

Some homeowners only become aware of these violations after a lien search when trying to sell the property. The violations can vary from an Expired Permit to Work Without Permit or Unsafe Structure Violations, which can be more complicated and time consuming.

Fixing Building Code Violations 101

Expired Permits

expired permit violationThe cause for these violations can be as simple as an open permit that was never closed by the contractor or the local inspector (yes, it happens). This is an easy fix as long as the work was performed to code or the owners have record of final permit.

Other times, the permit may have been applied for, but for some reason the work was never started or completed.

Common Causes:
Pending or missing final inspection
Work never started or completed
Common Solutions:
Confirm work was completed properly & call for final inspection
Confirm work was never started & request to close the permit

Work Without Permit

notice of violationThese violations are triggered by unpermitted work or “signs” of unpermitted work being done on the property and vary from fence installation to driveway expansion to home additions done without permits.

Depending on the type of work done and craftsmanship, they can often be cured by applying for a permit and calling for inspections. Of course, this is if the work was done to code. Otherwise, demolition is often the most economical solution, since legalization can be costly.

Common Causes:
Improvements/modifications made to the property without a permit or proper inspections.
Signs of improvements or modifications being made such as old water heater or old A/C on property, construction debris, etc.
Common Solutions:
Provide evidence that the work was permitted or is “grandfathered-in”
Confirm the work was done to code, apply for the proper permits & call for inspections

Unsafe Structure

unsafe structure violationThere are some unsafe structure violations that can be easily cured, but this varies from case to case. These violations can be caused by fire damage, hurricane damage, a vehicle hitting a structure or a number of other reasons.

Structures can be deemed unsafe by local inspectors and will require repair or in some cases, complete demolition in order to cure the violation.

Common Causes:
Grow House or Fire Damage
Hurricane, Natural Disaster or Accidental Damage
Demolition Order
Common Solutions:
Apply for proper permits & repair structure

Code Violation Galleries

Structural Repairs

Structural Repair

Uneven foundations and cracking or heaving of concrete are common unsafe structure issues in South Florida. We will inspect your structure for possible damage, accurately estimate the cost and plan out the necessary steps to insure it’s properly repaired and up-to-date with building codes and zoning regulations.

Structural Repair Gallery

Driveway Pavers & Travertine Pavers

Driveway Pavers & Travertine Pavers

Rausa Builders, Corp. has extensive experience and affordable prices on driveway paver, travertine paver & patio paver installation. Learn about the paver installation process and view finished samples in our paver project gallery.

Driveway & Patio Galleries

Browse our gallery for paver ideas or contact us today, our team is ready for your next paver project.

Construction Consulting
Architect, Engineer & Subcontractor Referrals

Our goal is to insure our clients end up with a high-quality product while staying within budget and on schedule. We have the construction expertise and relations within the industry to keep projects on track from inception through post-construction, carefully regulating our client’s time-frame and budget. Call today at 305-554-5711 or contact us via our online form for the construction or renovation of your next building project.