White Tile Roof in Palmetto Bay

After photo of white tile roof installed.

After 26 years, it was time for these Palmetto Bay homeowners to change their tile roof. They wanted a smooth white tile roof, unlike their existing broom-swept/textured style tiles. This particular home had a screen enclosure attached to the rear patio’s flat roof. The B.U.R./Flat Roof was also completely replaced, but the screen enclosure was left as-is at the homeowners request.

This large residential roof replacement job consisted of 4,500 sq. ft. of new flat tile roof and 500 sq. ft. of new B.U.R./flat roof, as well as approximately 200 sq. ft. of rotted decking discovered under the pitched and flat roof. Once finalized, the homeowners were pleased with how their new white tile roof brightened-up their home.

Photos of this roof replacement process:

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