New Covered Patio Construction

Before covered patio construction
Finished Covered Patio with tile roof, paver floor & bar

We recently added a new covered patio to this home in Kendall. The homeowners purchased their pre-construction home in 2012 and wanted to add outdoor space.

The new covered outdoor patio adds an additional 500 sq ft of outdoor entertaining space with paver floors, ceiling fans, a bar & sink. The Dining Room window was converted to Double French Doors, giving access to the covered patio through he Dining Room and Guest Bathroom.

The roof on the covered patio was built to match the pitch of the main structure and covered with the same double roll cement roof tile.

Below are before & photos of the building process for this new covered patio.


juval rhoden

What was the cost for this same exact setup. I am looking to purchase a new home, but finding a lot with little to no patio/lanai area. If I do go the route of adding an extension, I would like to have a budget in mind.

Certified General Contractor & Roofing Contractor

A 500 sq. ft. patio addition can range from $60-70k, depending on the materials, location (city/municipality) and accessibility. These 3 factors are what drive cost the most.

Below is a breakdown of how these factors can affect cost in a patio addition project.

Factors Increase Cost Decrease Cost
  Paver/stone flooring Solid concrete foundation
  Tile roof or metal roof Shingle roof or B.U.R./flat roof
  Concealed rafters w/T1-11 board or similar Exposed rafters & decking from below
  Electrical & plumbing features such as lights, sinks, refrigerators, etc. Less electrical & plumbing features
  Specific materials required by H.O.A. No H.O.A.
  Additional requirements by the city or municipality Minimal requirements by the city or municipality
  Relocation of electrical or plumbing utilities such as electrical meter or septic tanks No existing underground or overhead utilities
  Materials need to be hauled manually due to limited space Sufficient space for materials to be hauled by machinery

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