City Code Violation Solved

Before & after photo comparison of solved city code violation
Failure to maintain building, structures and/or exterior premises
Failure to obtain building permit(s)
Failure to maintain all landscaping on the property
Failure to meet minimum landscaping requirements
Failure to maintain roof free of discoloration

R.E.O. properties are often targeted for city code violations or municipality violations for reasons ranging from “failure to meet landscaping requirements” to “failure to keep roof free of discoloration”. These violations can accrue over time if not fixed.

In this case, the R.E.O. asset was over 4800 sq. ft. and a complete property rehab was not cost-effective for our client, but resolving the city code violations were a necessity.

Rausa Builders Corp. met with city officials at the property to clarify and fix the violations. As per the official, curing the violation would entail pressure washing the driveway and roof, installation of fresh mulch and plants in flower beds, replacing dead sod and repairing structural damage to one of the driveway columns which required a Building and an Electrical Permit.
Our team was able to complete the work required to fix the city code violation which also made the asset more presentable for potential buyers. Below are before and after photos of how we solved the violation with the city for our client.

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