REO Roof Replacement in Hollywood

Below are photos of a Real-Estate-Owned (a.k.a. REO) roof replacement project Rausa Builders Corp. completed in Hollywood Florida. Rehabilitating an REO property or investment property requires preserving the property as well as preparing it for re-sale.
A thorough roof inspection showed the shingle portion to be water tight, with a 10+ year life expectancy, while the flat roof had reached it’s end and needed to be replaced.

Interior Paint

Interior Paint and Pressure Clean

Before and after photos of a Coconut Grove property that needed some exterior pressure cleaning and interior paint before being placed back on the real estate market.

Mildew & Mold Remediation in Miami

This Miami home required the removal of over 300 sq ft of drywall and a thorough cleanup of all areas with a 50/50 bleach/water solution to eliminate mold spores. The kitchen cabinets and appliances were completely removed due to mold infestation. Once all mold was remedied, new drywall was installed and painted.

Repair, Patch & Paint

This is a simple repair, patch and paint job on an REO property in Miami.

REO Patch, Prep & Paint

This REO apartment in Miami Beach required some minor repairs and painting in order to be placed back on the real estate market.

Mold Removal in Garage

This garage in an REO property in Weston needed mold remediation in two areas. One area approximately 13′ x 25′ in the ceiling and another 8′ x 9′ on the garage wall. Both areas required complete removal of drywall and cleaning of surfaces with EPA certified mold cleaner before being replaced with new drywall and paint.

Complete Mold Remediation

Rausa Builders, Corp, a licensed mold assessor & remediator was called to a R.E.O. Pompano Beach apartment owned by Federal Home Loan Mortgage for mold remediation due to water intrusion. Below are photos of the home as it was and the work done to remove the contaminated areas and make the home safe again. You can see the floor and lower half of the drywall was removed due in order to remove all the mold areas caused by an upstairs sewer line being punctured. Every time the unit upstairs used the kitchen sink it would drain into this unit. Since it was unoccupied no one realized of the problem therefore causing all the mold.


R.E.O. Illegal Addition Demolition

This is a Real Estate Owned/Bank Owned property that had multiple illegal additions. The Rausa Builders, Corp. demolition team demolished the illegal construction, repaired the old roof and painted the entire home so the bank could place the home back on the market.